Top 10 Reasons to Purchase a Food Dehydrator

Top 10 reasons to purchase a food dehydrator

We at obviously think Food Dehydrators are one of the best investments someone can make when it comes to food prep and eating.  But, we also realize not everyone shares our enthusiasm for the process of drying out food.

So we decided to put together a quick “Top 10” list (plus one for good measure) of reasons why we feel Food Dehydrators are a great purchase and tool to use.

Here you go – our top 10 (plus one) reasons to purchase a Food Dehydrator:

  1. It helps you waste less food: as an American I realize that we waste a lot of food.  I imagine most of the “first world” is in a similar boat.  According to some studies, Americans waste about 40% of their food.  We buy foods in such bulk that we can’t possibly eat them before they go bad.  With a food dehydrator you can preserve your food and store it for months or years without it going bad.
  1. It saves you money: if you’re wasting less food, you’re wasting less money.  It’s that simple.  By being able to preserve foods and have them around longer, there is less foods for you to have to buy.  Cost savings that adds up over time
  1. It’s healthier: most foods lose quite a bit of their nutrients and vitamins in the cooking process, this doesn’t happen with a food dehydrator.  When you dry your food you are keeping the vitamins, nutrients and minerals intact.
  1. It makes food tastier:  when you dehydrate a food, you are essentially pulling as much water out of the food as possible.  What this does is concentrate the flavors in the food.  This is especially good for fruits – which turn into very sweet, very healthy snacks to fix your sweet tooth cravings.
  1. It saves energy: using a food dehydrator is basically a “green” way of preparing food.  Most dehydrators use less energy than your kitchen appliances and this in means that it costs less to use than your oven and the carbon footprint is less than that of your other appliances.
  1. No hidden ingredients: if you are using fresh meats, vegetables, and fruits you should not have to worry about what is in your foods.  You will have full control over what is going into your food and your body.  No un-pronounceable chemicals or preservatives in your dehydrated foods.
  1. It’s versatile: you can dehydrate virtually any foods.  Fruits and vegetables are probably the best, easiest choice – but that is by no means the only foods you can prepare.
  1. Jerky: if you’re a vegan, skip ahead to #9.  Okay, meat eaters – dehydrators are perfect for making jerky.  Marinate some thin strips of your favorite meat in whatever seasonings you prefer and put the slices into a food dehydrator and you’ll have the healthiest, tastiest, and cheapest beef (or chicken, or fish, or game) jerky you’ve ever had.
  1. It will dry your herbs and spices: If you’ve ever gone to a supermarket to purchase dried herbs and spices you’ll notice two things 1) they give you quite a bit of herbs that lose their potency very quickly (waste of money) and 2) they cost a lot.  With your dehydrator you can dry your own herbs from your own garden for a fraction of the cost and have less of it go to waste (reasons #1 and #2 at work here!)
  1. You can make crafts with your kids: Using a food dehydrator doesn’t necessarily have to be for food.  If you are into craft-making and doing creative things – you can use a food dehydrator to dry out flowers, or other products you might use in craft-making.  Instead of waiting days or weeks for stuff to dry – you’ll have your items ready in hours.
  1. (BONUS) You can tell people that you are a dehydrator – it’s a unique thing to do and not many people have ever dried their own food, let alone tasted homemade dried foods.  Become the expert in this little niche and show your family and friends how to make healthy, inexpensive dehydrated foods!

There you go – 10 (+1) reasons to invest in a good food dehydrator.  Now go out and get you one, or if you have one picking up dust, clean it off and fire it up – put that bad boy to good use!

Did we miss any?  If you can think of others (or hell, if you disagree with us) let us know in the comments!

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